GED & Financial Literacy Courses

Valjean Society is proud to partner with College America and the Good Neighbor Initiative to assist program participants in gaining their General Educational Development (GED) certificates.  GED testing can be a powerful option for those of us who did not complete high school for whatever reason. GED Testing Service reports that 95 percent of colleges and universities accept a GED diploma for admissions, and the U.S. Census Bureau reports that high school graduates and GED diploma recipients earn higher wages than high school dropouts. The Good Neighbor Initiative provides everything needed for our program participants to earn their GED credential—instruction, tutoring, books and computers. They even pay the test fee!
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Valjean Society is proud to offer Complimentary Financial Literacy Workshops for all age levels through the National Financial Educators Council.  Most Americans have a strained relationship with money and we believe that all people can benefit from these FREE courses!  Click below to learn more.

Adult & College  |  High School  |  6th – 8th Grade  |  3rd – 5th Grade  |  Pre-K – 2nd Grade