ValSoc Homes will not be mere half-way houses. Having successfully transitioned out of prisons and institutions ourselves, we know the shortcomings of that model and what exactly it took for us to get on our feet and move forward in life once and for all. ValSoc Homes will offer the newly-released felon the best possible opportunity to not only rejoin society after time away, but for most the opportunity to JOIN society in a meaningful way for the very first time.

It is our belief that this opportunity is best pursued without roadblocks. For this reason, ValSoc Homes will be alcohol and drug-free communities of quality, multi-resident housing locations, providing a structured living environment enhanced by a rich, well-balanced assortment of support services. These services give each client the opportunity to recover from incarceration and re-enter the community with a foundation in recovery, employment and permanent housing.

If you or your loved one have served your time and are seeking to build value to the life that lies ahead of you, we invite you to join Valjean Society in what is, in many ways, the biggest decision of your life.  If you want success like ours and are willing to put in the work - then we invite you to call ValSoc at (480) 648-8560 or contact us online here.  We will contact you directly.